Morris Dancing for Young People

This page should help young people find a welcoming morris side near them.

The details have been supplied by the sides concerned. If any other side would like their details included let me know at pete.thomas@btinternet

All the descriptions should include the same basic information including location, age range, any restrictions such as only girls or only boys. It will also include a description of the type of dances they do.

The Iron Brood

Ashford, Kent

5 to 11 years

Cotswold, Border and Sword

Malcolm Triggs

Kids Cop Club

Ashford, Kent

8 to 15 years


Sue Pavlov
01233 650492

Bristol Morris Men


Boys , 10 years upwards


Phillip Butler

Ashley's Rise Junior Morris

Bristol Avon

8 to 16 years


Kim Woodward

Bishop Gundulf's

Ashford, Kent

5 to 11years

Cotswold, Border and Sword

Frances Winter

Oast Ouse Oppers

Rainham, Kent

5 to 11years

Womens Ritual

Helen Platt
01634 231765

Woodland Morris

Warrington, Cheshire

6 to 13 years

North West, Music

Rod Scotney

Meavy Morris Minors

Yelveton Devon

5 to 11 years


Sue Jones

Winchester Morris Men

Winchester, Hampshire

Boys only, 8 years Upwards


Stroph Rayner

Ickneild Way Morris Men (Juniors)

Wantage / Faringdon, Oxfordshire

Boys 12 to 20 years

Oxfordshire Morris

Sem Seaborne or Bob Helm 01235 697988

Long Man Morris Men

Eastbourne, East Sussex

Boys from14 years (Younger with parental supervision


Stuart Walker 01323 725287

East Suffolk Morris Men

Ipswich, Suffolk

Boys Only 12 years plus (must be taller than 5 feet)

Cotswold and Border

Quentin Jarvis

English Miscellany

Harpenden, Hertfordshire

7 to 14 years

North West, Music

Linda Swaine on 01707-324413.

The Magnificent Mini Morris

Yateley, Hampshire

6 to 14 years

Cotswold and Border

Yvonne Hallows

Wessex Morris Men (Blue Dragons)

South Somerset and North Devon

Boys 11 to 18 years

Cotswold and Border

Patrick Harries
01963 362863

Stella Morris

Broadstairs, Kent

Mixed 10 to 18 years

Border and North West

Marge Wiltcher

Alton Morris

Alton Hampshire



 Kickin Alice




Ros Lincoln
01432 880649

Tan Ha Dowr


6 years upwards


Alison Davey
01208 831642

Swanage Bay Morris


7 years up

North West

Margaret Tyrer
01929 423234

Ryburn Sword

Ryburn Valley
West Yorkshire



Pete Coe


There are a lot of other Morris sides around. A lot of them have there own web sites and the best place to find them is on Mainly Morris Dancing. There are also 3 organisations which have lists of morris sides and can put you into contact with a local side if you can't find anything on the web. These are the Morris Ring, The Morris Federation and the Open Morris

This page is maintained by Pete Thomas of The Iron Brood and East Kent Morris Men.
It was last updated on the 8th August 2000